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Because learning differences don't have to be learning disabilities.
The Augustine Literacy Project
Eye to Eye
Family Support Sessions
The Augustine Project is a 60 hour training and practicum for area literacy tutors. The Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center sponsors the Hickory, NC chapter.
The Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center provides resource and referral information to parents and professionals, including referrals for mentors, tutors, and diagnostic services.
Welcome to the Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center!
Our Mission:
Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center exists to serve individuals with learning differences, ADHD and dyslexia; their families; and professionals who support them. Through information, training, and collaboration, our goal is to increase community awareness of learning differences and promote educational and personal success of those affected by them in the NC Unifour area.
Family Support Session
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Patrick Beaver Memorial Library
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Our History:
Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center was founded in 1999 through the efforts of the Beaver Family, the City of Hickory, and numerous members of this community. Since its beginning, the purpose of this organization has been to serve the needs of area individuals with learning differences and to be a resource to families. Our goal is to continue to be the leader in advancing services for those with learning differences. 

Our Plan:
We are realizing our goals by linking individuals and families with these services and enabling those with learning differences to reach their potential as productive and successful citizens.
The Eye-to-Eye program pairs mentors who have learning differences, ADHD and dyslexia with children experiencing the same disorders.